• Calm Mum,

    Calm Baby,

    Calm Birth

    Learn to relax yourself, your body

    and your baby to achieve a calmer,

    easier and more comfortable birth.

    Birth is a sacred event.

    To make confident choices for you and your family throughout pregnancy and labor is a joy.

    To be in control of your body and your

    birthing experience is a right.

    When a woman is relaxed, when she is aware of her body and trusts in her nature she is free to access her true power-the innate instincts that drive the divine feminine-and free to birth as nature intended with confidence, calm and splendor.

  • Welcome

    I am Brenda Harkin founder and teacher at Simply Birth And Beyond. I am a hypnotherapist and yoga teacher but first and foremost a Registered General Nurse, Midwife and advocate of women's and children's health. I've been practicing in clinical areas of pregnancy and childbirth for almost 30 years. I work particularly but not exclusively with expectant and new mums and their families delivering accredited and bespoke

    peri-natal education courses in the heart of Wexford town. My mission is to help as many women as possible achieve optimal health from early pregnancy through the first year of baby's life.

  • Services

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Workshops


    The Gold Standard of Birth Preparation with midwife, hypnotherapist, mind-coach, yoga teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner.

    - Antenatal Courses (online and in person)

    - Hypnobirthing Courses (online and in person)

    - Pregnancy Yoga

    - Natural Breastfeeding Workshop

    - VBAC


    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage


    - Mum and Baby Yoga

    - Baby Massage

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage


    - Complete homebirth care package

    - Single Antenatal Appotiments

    - Single Postanatal Appoitments

    - Overnight home support

    Brenda is a midwife for Private Midwives Ireland and is available to book for homebirths.

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage


    - Use hypnosis to prepare your mind and body for birthing.

    - Draw on your own innate wisdom and your natural ability to achieve a safe pregnancy and birth.

    - Learn techniques to keep you and your baby calm in any situation.​

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage

    Somatic Movement

    Somatics is really easy to do and suitable for everyone regardless of experience, age or level of flexibility. It involves using slow, mindful movement to become more aware of our bodies and minds, to release habitual patterns and to connect more deeply to our ourselves from within.

    Stress, trauma and injury cause tension in our muscles leading to stiffness, soreness and weakness. The body compensates leading to poor posture and habitual holding patterns, effecting our overall well-being and weakening our immune system..

    Somatic movement targets over-contracted muscles to release stress and trauma. It also creates awareness and rewires your brain to reconnect to tired muscles that have "forgotten" how to do their job.

    Somatics can help with stress, anxiety and chronic pain. It also really helps with core strength and posture and is effective for tight shoulders, diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues.

  • Insurance

    Up to 100% of the cost is covered by health insurance when you are trained in hypnobirthing by a registered midwife.

  • Testimonials

  • Niamh

    After the hypnobirthing course I actually looked forward to the labor with a positive and energetic manner. I couldn’t wait to try out hypnobirthing for real. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it without any medical intervention. Hypnobirthing created a new sense of confidence and a totally different outlook on my ability to give birth in a calm and peaceful way".


    "Knowing what was happening and visualizing where the baby was at different stages during birth was a huge advantage. We had a completely natural and pain and drug-free birth. Our baby fed within fifteen minutes having no side effects from drugs. Thanks to Brenda we brought a beautiful baby girl into the world without any pain relief and prepared for all eventualities. The Hypnobirthing techniques were absolutely invaluable."


    "Brenda was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I instantly felt as ease in her company. Brenda was so passionate about hypnobirthing it was impossible not to feel excited and positive about my body's strength and ability to birth my baby. With the tools Brenda had taught me, I was able to concentrate on the now and take each surge one by one. My third child was brought into a calm and peaceful environment and to this day has a placid and content personality."


    "Lucky to have found hypnobirthing. My partner and I went to the classes together and learned so much about the magic of birth as well as relaxation techniques and positive affirmations. Brenda gave us the confidence and calm we needed to achieve our goal of a natural birth."

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