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    Calm Birth

    Learn to relax yourself, your body and your baby to achieve a calmer, easier and more comfortable birth.

    Pregnancy Yoga

    Yoga is a great way to prepare for your pregnancy and labour. It increases your strength, stamina and gives you the confidence to move through your pregnancy and labour.

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  • Courses and Services

    Brenda offers a number of services for the expectant or new mothers at Sadhana Yoga Studio The Folly, wexford https://sadhanayoga.ie and Park Road Ferrycarrig

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Workshops


    The Gold Standard of Birth Preparation with midwife, hypnotherapist, mind-coach and hypnobirthing practitioner.

    Stress management and self-relaxation techniques for a calmer, more comfortable and simpler birth

    Our thoughts determine our beliefs, inform our actions and effect our physical and emotional well-being. What do you really believe about birth? What are the thoughts that come up when you allow yourself to fully explore them? My one day hypnobirthing course will help you to more fully access that which lies beneath your conscious awareness? As a society we predominantly view birth as a medical event which goes right some of the time but more often needs assistance. Fear worries and doubt lead to Fear Tension Pain Syndrome which holds us back in labour and birth.

    Hypnobirthing allows us to access these fears, let them go and replace them with more empowering belief systems.

    Group classes 2nd Saturday of each month or private one to one sessions on request


    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage

    Antenatal classes and workshops

    Research based information and practical advice from an experienced and practicing midwife. Create your birth plan with a clear understanding of birth and the various choices available to you.

    All the information you need to prepare for the birth of your baby. My one day classes will give you and your partner research based information along with practical tips and advice so that you can approach your birth with confidence. Includes: care pathways, the physiology of natural labour in 4 stages, your partners role, natural and pharmacological pain relief, negotiating the hospital system, induction of labour (why it happens, what it consists of and how we can help it along), -protecting your perineum-Breathing your baby down-Birthing your placenta--Delayed Cord Clamping-The Golden Hour-Feeding Baby-The Fourth Trimester-

    Group classes on demand or private one to one sessions


    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage

    Pregnancy Yoga

    Postures, movements, Breath-work, affirmations, vizualizations and yoga Nidra for birth preparation with midwife, hypnobirthing practitioner and yoga teacher

    Pregnancy yoga is proven to help reduce complications in pregnancy and increase positive birth outcomes by helping to access your body's parasympathetic system or calm response.

    In my 90 minute pregnancy yoga classes I focus on nurturing the energy of the divine feminine, building confidence, releasing emotional blocks and chakra clearing as well as a strong asena practice. I also draw from my other areas of expertise offering birth preparation Information, relaxation and stress management techniques. Classes are in 6 week blocks but one can join at any time. Class 5 is all about birth and we work with the birthing ball. Classes are small and intimate limited to 8 per class. Format: discussion and circle time, asena, yoga nidra

    Six week classes Thursdays 7-8.30 pm. Join anytime. Numbers limited.

    Hypnobirthing Leinster Baby Massage

    Baby Massage

    Help your thrive through loving, healing touch while deepening the bond between you and baby. Enroll from newborn to one year with experienced midwife and IAMS instructor

    Infant massage is a beautiful ancient tradition:. A series of rhythmical strokes which when practiced regularly are proven to stimulate your baby's brain development,.promote bonding and secure attachment, relieve discomforts such as wind and colic, promote baby's language development and immune system. Research also shows that baby massage can protect you against post natal depression

    Experience the joy of helping your baby to relax under warm and healing infra red light in a soft, intimate and safe space at Lucina Studio. My classes as 100% baby led. Feeding, crying and poonamis are not only expected but welcome!

    Tea/coffee social meet included.

    I provide materials: massage que-cards, information handouts, oils and protective sheets.

    Thursdays 10-11.30 for 6 weeks. Private 1:1 sessions on request

    Mum and Baby Yoga

    A fun, social and interactive workout for you and baby from 6 weeks to one year old

    Postnatal yoga is all about looking after YOU and helping you to adjust to motherhood. In those first few months let me guide you through BAKTI yoga-Specialized breathing, movement and postures designed, to realign your pelvis reconnect you with your core and strengthen your lower back and perineum. As you progress the focuses shifts to toning, fitness and building strength. Baby gets a workout too! Includes tea, coffee and meetup

    Classes Thursday mornings. 6 weeks. 11-12.30

    Hypnobirthing Leinster TENS machine

    TENS machine rental

    Natural, non invasive and efficient pain relieving tool

    A TENS machine is a pain relieving device which delivers tiny electrical impulses to the nerve ending in the skin. TENS works to increase your bodies natural endorphins. It can be and invaluable asset in your toolbox. Rent them here-30 euros for birth month

    Natural, non invasive and efficient pain relieving tool

    Hypnobirthing Leinster One to One Hypnotherapy

    One to one Hypnosis

    A natural approach which can help you to move from Fear to Freedom

    In addition to hypnosis in pregnancy I offer one to one sessions for the following:

    • Stress and Tension
    • Sleep distrubances
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Weight management
    •  Hypnogastric band
    • Motivation and Life Goal

    Hypnotherapy can transform your life. Let me help you to help yourself

  • Contact Brenda

    Get in touch and find out how hypnobirthing can help you. Leave a message for Brenda by completing the form below. Or contact her by phone at 085 122 4132 or by email at hypnobirthingleinster@gmail.com.

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  • Why Hypnobirthing

    "Childbirth without fear is a beautiful thing. Birth is a sacred event. To make confident choices for you and your family throughout pregnancy and labor is a joy. To be in control of your body and your birthing experience is a right. To be wholly present at the moment your baby locks eyes with you for the first time is a sacred moment between mother and child and a true gift of nature. It is the birthright of every baby to be received into the world with calm, gentle hands and to be offered the gift of unconditional love undisturbed. It is my dream that every baby should know such a gift." Brenda Harkin

    About your Hypnobirthing Course

    Over 12.5 hours of training you and your partner will learn to access the calm response and block stress. Drawing from hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, sports psychology, NLP and quantum physics hypnobirthing teaches you techniques which calm your body and your baby protecting you from the harmful effects of stress. Research shows that preparation and education are key to achieving positive birth outcomes. During the hypnobirthing course I will walk you through the physiological processes and different pathways as labour unfolds and what to do when faced with sometimes difficult decisions. I will provide you with up to date best practice research. I will offer you support throughout your journey if you wish to seek extra advice or assistance. In the end I wish you a joyful and positive birth experience and I hope that you will share your journey with others so that they too may benefit from a calm birth.


    Course content:

    • How the mind works and how the body responds to it
    • Tapping into your body's natural hormones
    • How your baby develops and what he might experience
    • Physiology of the three stages of labour
    • Self hypnosis for relaxation
    • Breath-work for birth
    • Visualizations and affirmations for labour
    • Partners role and how your partner can support you
    • Fear release
    • Understanding and negotiating the hospital system
    • Natural means of induction
    • Induction of labour-what is it, why does it happen  and how can we work with the process
    • Breathing your baby down
    • Delayed cord clamping and why it matters
    • Birthing your placenta
    • The fourth trimester
    • Breastfeeding
    • Formulating your birth plan

    Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal program and reimbursable by healthcare insurance when taught by a midwife. Check with your provider. Non insurance rate available. Workshops are delivered each month by Brenda Harkin, registered midwife and registered Mongan Practitioner.


    Weekend workshops are delivered on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month and evening courses are Tuesday evenings 7-9.30 pm for 5 weeks.

    each month by Brenda Harkin, registered midwife and registered Mangan Practitioner.

    Read more about hypnobirthing here and more about Brenda here.


    Hypnobirthing can help you to maintain a healthy mind and body and so help to reduce the risk of complications in both pregnancy and birth. While there is no guarantee of a pain free birth, mothers do report higher levels of comfort in labour and less after-pains. Rates of epidural are reduced as are births by vacuum and cesarean section and labour is shorter (both first and second stages). Hypnobirthing mothers report feeling more confident, more in control and less fearful and anxious before and during the birth. They also report high rates of satisfaction with their birthing partner’s level of participation. feeling more energetic and calm both during and after giving birth and satisfaction with breastfeeding and bonding. Read more.  

  • Everyone is talking about hypnobirthing and its many benefits.

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    Hypnobirthing Leinster info video
  • After the hypnobirthing course I actually looked forward to the labor with a positive and energetic manner. I couldn’t wait to try out hypnobirthing for real. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it without any medical intervention. Hypnobirthing created a new sense of confidence and a totally different outlook on my ability to give birth in a calm and peaceful way". Niamh


    Read full testimonial here

    Knowing what was happening and visualizing where the baby was at different stages during birth was a huge advantage. We had a completely natural and pain and drug-free birth. Our baby fed within fifteen minutes having no side effects from drugs. Thanks to Brenda we brought a beautiful baby girl into the world without any pain relief and prepared for all eventualities. The Hypnobirthing techniques were absolutely invaluable. Anika


    Read full testimonial here.

    Brenda was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I instantly felt as ease in her company. Brenda was so passionate about hypnobirthing it was impossible not to feel excited and positive about my body's strength and ability to birth my baby. With the tools Brenda had taught me, I was able to concentrate on the now and take each surge one by one. My third child was brought into a calm and peaceful environment and to this day has a placid and content personality. Gillian


    Read full testimonial here.

    "Lucky to have found hypnobirthing. My partner and I went to the classes together and learned so much about the magic of birth as well as relaxation techniques and positive affirmations. Brenda gave us the confidence and calm we needed to achieve our goal of a natural birth". Melissa


    Read full testimonial here

  • Up to 100% of the cost is covered by health insurance when you are trained in hypnobirthing by a registered midwife.

  • Confident Mothers

    When a woman is relaxed, when she is aware of her body and trusts in her nature she is free to access her true power-the innate instincts that drive the divine feminine-and free to birth as nature intended with confidence, calm and splendor.

    Mongan Method

    The Mongan method is the original HypnoBirthing method and has the longest global experience of training parents and professionals in the HypnoBirthing method. The methods are natural, gentle and effective, The programme is considered the gold standard for Hypnobirthing and is used by many hospitals. Brenda Harkin is a licensed Mongan Method Practitioner

    Calm Birth

    Experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear that prevents muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.

  • "It is my experience that the issues which affect pregnancy and childbirth are the same the world over and that the presence or absence of fear is the single-most important determinant of birthing outcomes. I am thrilled to have discovered this program and to have the opportunity to help so many expectant mothers. I would love to help you." Brenda

    Hypnobirthing Leinster - Brenda Harkin

    Brenda Harkin

    Registered Nurse and Midwife, Hypnotist (Hypnosis Academy) Hypnobirthing Practitioner (Mongan UK) Baby Massage instructor (IAIM), Pregnany Yoga Teacher (RYSP) Post Natal Yoga Teacher (RYSP)

    I am a dedicated and experienced midwife and I am passionate about women and children's health. I have been practicing in clinical areas of pregnancy and childbirth for almost 30 years.


    I have a broad range of work experience including a community development project in Africa, a home-birth

    service in the UK, an army hospital in Saudi Arabia, a private clinic in France.


    Education and access to information and resources are key elements in quality health care. Having identified a need for perinatal services in Wexford I set up Hypnobirthing Leinster in 2014 and began teaching antenatal classes. In 2017 I began offering pregnancy yoga.


    It is my great pleasure in life to be a midwife, to attend women during this deeply intimate and spiritual time and to witness the miracle of birth on a regular basis. My work has brought me to a deep respect for nature and for the power of the female body. I teach Hypnobirthing to women and their partners because I believe that every woman has a right to have access to information and techniques which can help improve her experience of birth and achieve the best possible outcome for herself and her baby.


    In 2018 I expanded the services I offer to include post natal yoga (mum and baby) and baby massage. Time and again research shows that women do not have enough support and care after the birth of her baby. I offer classes which help to support post natal women in key areas including: perineal health, stress and mental health, infant development, bonding and attachment and breastfeeding.


    To all the wonderful mums out there whom it has been my pleasure to meet and work with - thank you!


    And to mums everywhere - You do a great job



  • Contact Brenda

    Get in touch and find out how hypnobirthing can help you. Leave a message for Brenda by completing the form below. Or contact her by phone at 085 122 4132 or by email at brenda@simplybirthandbeyond.ie.

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