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What's behind the magic of Hypnobirthing?

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What's behind the magic of hypnobirthing?  

Moms, hold on! We are here to share some interesting and useful insights on the matter. 

Some might see Hypnobirthing as an unconventional method of giving birth, focused on empowering women to give birth as nature intended them to – in comfort, free from fear, serenely, and in control of their bodies. 

Hypnobirthing is much more than a childbirth preparation class where all you learn is how to manage pain naturally. Instead, the focus is on eliminating the cause of pain through releasing fear and tension and taking control of your inner world. 

Let us not be deceived by the root "Hypno", creating the wrong association where a hypnotist is swinging a pocket watch in front of your eyes until it brings you to a state where you have no conscious control over your thoughts and actions. 

In reality, hypnosis is quite different. When used in labour, the technique is typically self-induced and involves entering a state of deep relaxation coupled with intense concentration. 

Why Hypnobirthing? How does this method help with labour? 

This specific way of giving birth is not new. It has been passed down from ancient times but is now scientifically proven. It is built on the premise that our culture is fearful of childbirth and that approaching the experience with fear makes it more physically painful. The idea is that fear triggers a specific muscle response, which could eventually lead to more pain and complicate the baby's birth-what in the early 19C world-famous obstetrician Dick Gantly Reid called Fear-Pain-Tension syndrome. 

In Hypnobirthing, the main focus is clearing the mind of all negative thoughts through specific techniques such as guided visualization, controlled breathing and positive affirmations as well as techniques for complete body relaxation. Stress and overthinking have no place when it comes to labour. hypnobirthing promises to give you the confidence and techniques to enable your body to experience childbirth without any destructive thoughts or preconceived notions standing in the way! 

You are probably wondering whether any other benefits are coming along with Hypnobirthing and our answer is YES, of course! 

Women are going through a much faster recovery process. They also consistently report higher rates of satisfaction with the level of support and involvement from their partners during birth. Another interesting fact is that hypnobirthing significantly reduces the instance of post-Patrum depression. 

Still wondering whether Hypnobirthing is the right solution for you? 

Brenda will be more than happy to answer any further questions and guide you through the whole process. 

Book now for hypnobirthing class evenings and weekends: 

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