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Homebirth after previous Birth Trauma


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 I had gone into my second pregnancy following a labour experience that had left me fearful of labour, birth and the postpartum period in general. After My 1st meeting with Brenda, I had an instant feeling of relief. She listened to me in great detail in a kind and empathetic manner. This was the 1st time that I experienced this, and that in and of itself was very healing. Brenda then built a bespoke plan for me and my partner, which was catered around my family schedule. This service in its entirety was completely woman-focused and person-centred. 

Brenda is highly attuned to the needs of her clients. She spent a lot of time working with me on fear release. After a while, I found that, to my surprise, I was looking forward to my labour. Brenda also helped my partner to feel really connected to my pregnancy. Giving meditations for us to do together, and ensuring that we had all of the conversations that we needed to have about pregnancy and the post-partum period well in advance. This helped us to feel like a unit. When I went into labour I noticed how calm he was. He knew exactly what I needed and exactly where I needed him to be. 

 Some of the knowledge that Brenda empowered us with included: Increased physical comfort throughout my pregnancy by showing me yoga techniques. This was very beneficial as I was experiencing SPD, and my baby was also in a breach, posterior position until quite late in my pregnancy. Thankfully, with much encouragement, he decided to turn. 

Use of hypnobirthing as a form of pain relief and releasing fear during labour. I found that the techniques that Brenda taught me really helped me to get through the labour. I was able to focus on my breath rather than any discomfort that I was experiencing. 

Brenda is a fortress of knowledge and gave us much practical information about labour, including the stages of labour, nature of hormones and how to promote oxytocin, How to prepare my labour space in a way that would ensure that I felt safe, information about medications & pain relief and ways to promote maternal and baby bonding after birth. 

 Advice about preparing & including my daughter for the birth of her sibling. (we have had no major regressions or breakdowns regarding her new brother, so far 🙏) 

Use of aromatherapy to provide comfort during labour. This has been something that I have continued to use on a daily basis since my labour. 

My experience with Brenda has left, not only me but my partner and daughter feeling thoroughly empowered. I had the most beautiful birth experience with my son. I genuinely could not have even imagined that it would have gone as well as it did. I am almost certain that had I not worked with Brenda, my experience wouldn't have had such a positive outcome for us all. I am now 3 weeks post-partum and feel amazing. We are really feeling the effects of being supported in such an all-encompassing way. As I said previously, I went into this experience hoping not to experience the same feelings of vulnerability in the post-partum period. I never could have imagined that I would come out the other side of it feeling completely empowered. I am more than certain that the after-effects of working with Brenda will resound throughout the rest of my motherhood journey and will continue to benefit and bless my partner, children and family throughout our lives.

 ❤️ I cannot recommend her highly enough.