• Private Midwives

    Private Midwives Ireland is a branch if Private Midwives UK.
    We are a team of 10 midwives working across Ireland delivering maternity care to women and their
    families. Click here to meet some of our team.

  • Why chose a homebirth?


    Impeccable safety record


    Excellent outcomes


    Guaranteed continuity of care by the same midwife

    This is the gold standard of care. It helps to build a relationship of trust between you and your midwife and significantly reduces the risk of decreases your risk of having a premature birth


    Woman Centred and Family Oriented Experience

    puts you in control of your body and your
    birth experience


    Convenience for you and your family

    You never have to wait in an antenatal clinic and all appointments are arranged in advance and at a time that suits you



    We can support in circumstances where you might otherwise be excluded from
    having a homebirth in Ireland-for example if your pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks or your
    waters rupture for more than 18 hours at term


    Emotional and Physical Wellbeing for you and your family

    99% of women who use Private Midwives Service report that they are satisfied with their experience and the service they received. Women also report having felt empowered. For women who experience birth trauma a homebirth can afford an opportunity to recover and heal.

  • How to Book

    You can choose a package of care from a service menu which suits your need and budgets.
    You can book as early as you like and the smallest package starts from 34 weeks antenatal care to one week after your baby’s birth. You can also book individual antenatal and postnatal appointments, homemaker over night support, breastfeeding support and hospital support (not currently available due to COVID)

    Find out more here

  • How Care is Structured

    When you book care with private midwives you will be allocated a midwife who will lead your care.
    You will see that same midwife throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born and she will visit you and your family at home for each appointment. She will help you and your birth partner to gather all of the tools and information you will need to prepare for your birth including defining your birth preference, organising your birth space and relaxation and breathing techniques. She will attend your birth and visit you after your baby is born to check that you and your baby are well and to offer expert support including breastfeeding. She will liaise with the hospital, your GP and public health nurses so that your care is seamless and streamlined and discharge you back to community care when your care is complete.

    Whether it is your first or fifth bay, whether you are having a homebirth or hospital birth, whether a physiological birth or a caesarean section I wish you and your baby calm, comfortable and safe birth.

    Remember calm mum, calm baby, calm birth!

  • Testimonials

    What Brenda's Clients Say

    “I had gone in to my second pregnancy following a labour experience which had left me fearful of labour, birth and the post-partum period in general…I went in to this experience hoping not to experience the same feelings of vulnerability…. I am now 3 weeks post partum and feel amazing…. We are really feeling the effects of being supported in such an all encompassing way. I never could have imagined that I would come out the other side of it feeling completely empowered. I am more than certain that the after effects of working with Brenda will resound throughout the rest of my motherhood journey and will continue to benefit and bless my partner, children and family throughout our lives”

    Emma Geeleher, Social Care Worker, Clonmel.

    "It was such a different experience, this time, so much more calm and relaxed and we knew so much more about birth. I really feel that we were in control and made the choices. My partner had a big part and the support he gave me while in labour was brilliant thanks to the wonderful techniques you learn on the course."


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