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I am so pleased to be offering HypnoBirthing workshops at my new venue in The Lucina Studio, The Faythe Wexford. This is a small, intimate setting and it is my aim to provide a safe space where expectant mothers and their birth companions can explore all aspects of pregnancy and birth in a relaxed environment while learning cutting edge techniques which they can use in pregnancy, labour and beyond. I am a midwife with 30 years experience, a sound knowledge of hospital practices - and a deep understanding of birth.

  • What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a holistic approach to birth preparation which focuses equally on all aspects of a women’s health-physical, emotional, and spiritual. It takes the simple approach that pregnancy and birth are natural phenomenon rather than medical events. The goal is to be free of fear/negative thoughts which can lead to emotional tension and possible complications and interventions.

It is underpinned by the philosophy that birth is a natural physiological process, which cannot be approved upon and which when left undisturbed is simpler, calmer, shorter and more comfortable. Using cutting edge techniques which draw from mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and backed by neuroscience this program aims to help a mother align herself with nature so that she can be completely present in her birthing experience regardless of the manner in which her baby arrives.

  • When is the best time to enroll in classes?

The sooner you get started with HypnoBirthing techniques the better!

Research shows that mothers are more susceptible to stress in pregnancy than at any other time in their lives. Studies show that:

  1. The stress response is dominant throughout pregnancy (mothers are naturally “programmed” to be on high alert)
  2. High levels of stress in early pregnancy are associated with complications from 26 weeks in mothers (hypertension, diabetes, pre-eclampsia) and low weight gain in babies.
  3. Mothers are more likely to experience stress in late pregnancy (as labour approaches)

It is never too early therefore to start. I offer a free consultation to all women who wish to explore their options. Once enrolled I will provide you with materials and get you started. Then just chose the class in which you wish to enroll!

  • My pregnancy is complicated. Is HypnoBirthing suitable for me?

Many women decide to use HypnoBirthing in order to achieve drug and intervention free birth. This is not the goal in itself however. HypnoBirthing is about achieving the very best possible outcome for you and your baby whatever the circumstances of birth. You can still access calm/relaxation and be present for your birth during a C section, you can still guide your baby and breath your baby down with an epidural. In fact HypnoBirthing can be very helpful for planned interventions (including c sections and epidurals) because these are the occasions when mind-body-awareness is more difficult to achieve but matters most.

  • Do I need to go to other antenatal classes as well?

HypnoBirthing is a full antenatal program and considered the gold standard in birth preparation globally. As well as providing you with cutting edge stress management techniques and robust scientific research this course will cover all topics covered in your traditional antenatal classes but in more detail. These include: physiology of labour-first, second, third stage: Delayed Cord Clamping: The Golden Hour: The Fourth Trimester: Hospital protocols and procedures (including induction and augmentation of labour, pain relief), Breastfeeding. In addition, we will look in detail at neuroscience-laws of the mind, psycho-chemical responses.

It is therefore not necessary for you to attend other classes. However, if you feel drawn to go-and many couples do for comparative reasons and to reassure themselves-I encourage you to do so.

  • What happens at HypnoBirthing workshops?

The program begins with exploring what is normal in birth and builds from there. The approach is both theoretical and practical and involves visual presentations, discussions, group work, personal reflections and group meditations.

We will learn to use tools which draw from mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic Programming, cognitive behavioural therapy along with visualisations, affirmations and breath-work.

You will be provided with a core textbook, a Cd with meditation affirmations/visualisations and workbook.

By the end of the weekend you and your partner will have a clear understanding of birth, be aware of the choices available to you as a mother and service user, be confident in self-hypnosis, have an extensive toolkit at your disposal to help you stay calm and cope with pain/stress or other challenges you may encounter. Above all you and your partner will leave feeling more confident and excited about your upcoming birth

Weekends run from 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday at The Lucina Studio, The Faythe, Wexford. Lunch is served 1-2 pm in the studio and is included.

  • Is the cost covered by Health Insurance?
Yes - up to 100% when you do a HypnoBirthing course with a registered midwife, Insurers vary - check with your provider.