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Answers to Your Questions

Hypnobirthing FAQs

  • Is HypnoBirthing suitable for every pregnant woman?

Hypnobirthing is not just for women who wish to achieve natural childbirth without epidural. Whether you are planning a homebirth or a caesarean section, whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, hypnobirthing is for you. The techniques which you learn on the course help you to achieve a calm pregnancy and birth no matter what the circumstances. Remember Calm mum, Calm baby, Calm birth. Hypnobirthing is suitable for every woman.

  • What is the ideal gestation to start the hypnobirthing course?

The earlier you enrol the better. Learning the techniques early on in your pregnancy will help you work with your natural physiology and avoid any complications. It is never too late. Remember your due date is only a “guess date”. I have taught hypnobirthing to women hours before they went into labour. It’s never too late and never too early to do hypnobirthing.

  • Is it best to do evening or weekend classes?

The hypnobirthing course is 12.5 hours in length and is run either as a weekend workshop (two full days, usually Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend) or as a series of 5 X 2.5 hour classes. Ideally you want to take hypnobirthing classes over 5 weeks. There are several reasons for this. Enrolling for a minimum of 5 weeks offers the continuing professional support of a qualified and experienced midwife for a major part of your pregnancy. Many couples have commented that it is like having your very own personal midwifery service. It also provides a space for developing meaningful connections and valuable supports with other mums and dads. In addition, spacing out classes allows time for parents to master the techniques and assimilate the material. That said, I am aware that in today’s world many parents lead very busy lives. This is why I offer a choice of the 5 week course or weekend workshop.

  • Is it not enough just to listen to CDs and apps? It can save me time and money.

Downloading apps and doing DIY Hypnobirthing is of course beneficial to a degree and some women do very well with just that. However women rarely achieve the same depth of relaxation from using CDs only. The hypnobirthing program is highly experiential and the best results are achieved through the guidance of an experienced practitioner. This is particularly the case with regard to fear release. I am aware that many women perceive that the course is prohibitive in terms of cost and time. Of course having a baby is expensive and there is so much to prepare for the new arrival. However I have heard many women say that one does not know the value of hypnobirthing until one has experienced it. Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal education program and so you do not need to attend hospital classes as well although some women do.

The time and cost involved when birthing takes an unexpected turn cannot be underestimated. Hypnobirthing women have lower intervention rates (including c section and forceps), lower instance of premature births and IUGR babies, have high rates of breastfeeding and feed their babies for longer. Over 90% of women experience high rates of satisfaction with their birthing experience and with their partner in pregnancy and labour. In the long run hypnobirthing is invaluable.

  • Will the hospital support the fact that I am hypnobirthing?:

Absolutely. Hypnobirthing is very much in vogue in Ireland at the present time. It was rolled out in two of the major Dublin hospitals (the Coombe and the Rotunda) at the beginning of this 2016. The Rotunda is offering the service to private patients while the Coombe has a limited public service. There is no conflict between hypnobirthing and maternity services. NICE guidelines state that hypnobirthing is effective in labour and that it should be supported by health care professionals. Hypnobirthing offers a woman more choice in the way she approaches her birthing experience. She is still under the care of the obstetric team and that care is governed by the clinical guidelines of the hospital in order to safeguard the wellbeing of mother and baby.

  • Are classes covered by private health insurance?:

Yes to varying degrees. Hypnobirthing classes come under the umbrella of antenatal education. You can claim back on health insurance when you attend antenatal classes with a qualified midwife. Check with your health insurance provider. Some insurers give back up to 95% of the cost of the course.