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Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Healthy Mind and Body will help no matter what your circumstance

No matter what the circumstances, hypnobirthing will help you and your baby.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body and eliminating stress will help you achieve the normal pregnancy and birth that you desire. Learning hypnosis techniques (deep relaxation, controlled breathing, visualizations, and positive affirmations) will help you and your baby keep calm throughout pregnancy and during labour. It can assist your baby to achieve a healthy growth rate. It helps the woman to avoid induction of labour and other interventions, and, it can eliminate the need for pain relief medications.

In the event that birthing should take an “unexpected pathway”, hypnobirthing techniques can help you and your baby keep calm in any situation.

When women and their birth partners learn about hypnobirthing, the need for drugs is greatly reduced and often eliminated. Women report high levels of comfort, feel less pain and are more satisfied with their pain management in labour.


This dramatically reduces the need for interventions including artificial inductions, augmentation with syntocinon and caesarean sections. Relaxation techniques you learn, help you elicit a deep relaxation response. This has many benefits:

  • It helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing. 
  • The first and second stages of labour are significantly shorter. 
  • Lower instance of Low Birth Weight Babies. 
  • Greatly enhance chances of avoiding an episiotomy and/or stitches and of having an intact perineum. 
  • Babies have higher apgar scores and are reported to be calm and more settled sleepers 
  • Babies are more alert and able to nurse almost immediately 
  • Mothers report high rates of successful breastfeeding and strong bonding

Overall mothers report high levels of satisfaction and empowerment with their birthing experiences. They describe themselves as more confident, more in control and less fearful and anxious before and during the birth. They also report high rates of satisfaction with their birthing partner’s level of participation, more energy and feeling very calm both during and after giving birth.

Mothers report using hypnobirthing techniques to enormous benefit when birthing takes an unexpected pathway. Using hypnobirthing techniques alongside medical interventions such as epidural and caesarean section enables a mother to remain calm and focused. In doing so she retains a feeling of participation and control while maximising blood flow and minimising stress to her baby. Fathers report feeling involved both in pregnancy and during birth.

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