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Anna - Mentally, Psychologically and Emotionally Prepared (VBAC)

Had non-medicated birth after an elective c-section

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I was preparing for the natural birth of my baby girl and I knew I needed good psychological support and reassurance to be able to do it myself. Because I was feeling scared of the unknown process of birth and unsure in my abilities to manage it after the elective c-section with my first child. So me and my husband attended Hypnobirthing classes with Brenda last January. It was the best decision I have ever made. 

Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

The atmosphere in the class was peaceful and the calming voice of Brenda was so soothing. She has a brilliant energy and a nice manner of explaining the birthing process in a great detail. But the most important thing was that Brenda managed to empower me in my own ability as a woman to give natural birth using helpful techniques of breathing, relaxation and affirmations.When my surges arrived I was mentally, psychologically and emotionally prepared and I was happy to stay home through the fist stage of labour with the comfort of my own bed, shower and bath all due to the Hypnobirthing techniques. As a result I had a non medicated birth with a bit of help of gas and air and a TENS machine. 

Our baby daughter Ariana arrived 3 hours later on the 18 of March 2016. I would recommend Brenda`s classes to any mom who is unsure or scared or just would like to attend an antenatal class which is different to the usual formal ones held in hospitals.

Anna, Wexford